Minutes of Board of Director’s Meeting

Monday, May 8, 2006



Members Present:  Craig Braun, Stan Bunch, Pat Goodell, Powell Quirring, Wendy Jones

Also Present:  Alan Ark who has volunteered to take over from Dan Heilman as THHA webmaster.


The meeting was called to order at 7 pm by Board President Craig Braun at his home on Welsh Drive.


New Directors: 

Powell Quirring and Wendy Jones were welcomed to the meeting and subsequently appointed to fill a three-year term on the Board of Directors. 


Minutes of Previous Meeting:  Minutes from the previous meeting on March 20, 2006 were approved as written.


Treasurer’s Report:  Stan Bunch reported that all Homeowners Association dues have been paid – none outstanding.  ’06 Budget was presented.  $9150 in dues was collected from 61 households.  Approximately $9000 is spent each year for Utilities, Insurance, Landscaping, Admin, Oktoberfest, Other Maintenance.  We have been maintaining a surplus of about $10,000 in the THHA bank account about the $9000 yearly expenses.


Entrance Maintenance Report:  Tree stump from tree that was cut down by the entrance is supposed to be ground down by Mario Elias.  Marjorie Wilson will tell Mario to take care of grinding the stump.  Marjorie Wilson will also take care of the next floral planting around the entrance.    A notice will be sent out to homeowners reminding them to keep overhanging branches trimmed as well as trim bushes so they don’t conceal stop signs.  If they don’t we will ask Mario to trim them as they are in violation of the CC&Rs.


Oktoberfest Report:  It was agreed that this is a very popular and successful event and we should continue to have a similar neighborhood get together.  It was suggested to have something a bit different this year for a little change even though everyone enjoys the Oktoberfest.  It was agreed that we would model this year’s party after the Pendleton Roundup – called Thompson Highlands Roundup.  Wendy Jones agreed to co-chair with Craig Braun.  Date of party will be Sept 17 or 24.  Craig will check with Russell Street Barbecue about catering.  Pat will check out party favors/items with Roundup theme on-line and Wendy will check out Party Central and we’ll compare where we can get the best prices/assortment.  We want to get the face painter and magician again – Stan will ask previous Oktoberfest organizers for names of those who did it in the past.  Pat Goodell will ask Frank and Sylvia Hetz if they will still be here for that and if Sylvia would agree to make some of the delicious food she made last year for the Oktoberfest.

Location of the party this year will be Loy Ct. East.  Stan said he would ask Mary Taylor for any suggestions she might have for this party.


Newcomers to THHA:  Alan Ark volunteered to be the Welcoming Committee.  He will make a personal call to deliver a copy of the Thompson Highlands Homeowners Roster; copy of the CC&Rs; Request for Approval forms; and obtain their name, address, telephone and e-mail address.


Neighborhood Issues:  Edwards home improvements were approved; Jan-Erik Fougli and Myde Boles landscaping plans were approved.


Other:  Craig will ask Dan Heilman to get the rights to web name so Alan can have access to it.


Meeting Adjourned


Respectfully submitted,

Pat Goodell

Acting Secretary




Next Meeting Date:  August 14.  Meetings for Roundup will be planned as needed.