Thompson Highlands Homeowners Association Spring 2008 Newsletter


It’s  great to see daffodils and tulips blooming in the neighborhood and everyone  starting to work on their yards.   We’ve never written a Spring newsletter but there are several topics the THHA Board members want to present to homeowners for opinions and discussion.  Please give your opinion about the following topics so we can make decisions at our May Board meeting.   You can respond to the Board at

Neighborhood garage sale – there has been interest expressed in having a neighborhood garage sale.  Let us know if you would participate; what dates would be preferable; if you would like to “piggy back” onto the Bauer Creek neighborhood garage sale (we would have to ask them if they would want to do that).  We’ll take into consideration what the majority want. 

Annual THHA Picnic – this  has been a very popular neighborhood event for many years – usually held in early September.  We want to know if there is still interest in having this picnic; do you have any suggestions for a theme in the future – we’ve done the Oktoberfest theme and the Western theme. The cost for the picnic in ’07 was $2600. Your feedback  is welcomed because we want to meet the needs and interest of the neighborhood and we want to spend the funds in the THHA account prudently.

Children at Play Signs – the Board has agreed to purchase portable  Children at Play signs for use by any household with children that would like one.  Please notify us if you do want one. But  there is a very important responsibility that goes along with the use of the signs: parents must still be responsible for supervising when their children are playing outside;  signs shouldn’t block traffic but be placed merely as an alert to drivers that there are children playing in the area; children should be instructed to be alert for cars approaching and they should always get out of the street when a car is approaching.  The signs should not give children or parents a false sense of security.

Parking  Issues – there has been a request to ask everyone, particularly those in cul-de-sacs, to ask their guests to be respectful  when they park.  They should park along the curb and not out in the middle of the street, blocking the driveways of neighbors or making it difficult for someone to navigate through the street to get to their home.

Tree and bush trimming – thanks to everyone  for doing a great job of trimming their trees and bushes as requested in our last newsletter.  Please continue to maintain them so that there is no overhanging onto sidewalks and  about 7 feet clearance over the sidewalk.

We’d really appreciate your feedback on the above topics or any other suggestions you have for keeping this the great neighborhood it already is.

2008 THHA Board of Directors:  Craig Braun –;  John Abercrombie –;  Molly Shum –;  Pat Goodell –;  Powell Quiring –;  Wendy Jones –  Or .