Approved Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting

March 8, 2010


Board Members Present: Craig Braun, Pat Goodell, Powell & Lori Quiring, Dan Heilman

Board Member Absent:  John Abercrombie

Guests Present:  Martina Winkler, Molly Shum


Treasurer’s Report:

-Lori Quiring presented the Treasurer’s Report as John Abercrobie, Treasurer, was out of town.

-The balance in the account, effective March 8, 2010, is $20,393.95.

-This amount reflects HOA dues received from all but 9 homeowners.  Lori will send 2nd notices to the 9 homeowners with unpaid HOA dues.   


Old Business:

-There have been many complaints about a German Shepherd in the neighborhood which has acted in an aggressive manner on at least 3 separate occasions.  Neighbors have contacted Animal Control who will speak to the owner and try to deal with the situation  through teaching better techniques to control the dog. Beyond that they said there is little they can do until there is an actual incident where the dog injures someone.

-Craig has spoken to the owner who has indicated she will try to do a better job of keeping the dog under control. 

-This is the same dog that neighbors have said barks constantly when left outside.  There was some improvement after Craig spoke to the owner but there is still a good deal of barking.

-It was agreed that, although annoying, the barking was of less concern than the aggressive behavior at this point.

-THHA has no real power in this situation other than to appeal to the owner who appears to want to do the right thing. 

-It was agreed that Pat Goodell would write a letter to the owner of the dog expressing our concerns. Before sending the letter to the dog owner, Pat will forward it to the Board members as well as those who have experienced the barking &/or aggressive behavior of the dog in order to get their feedback about the best way to express our concerns.     


New Business:

Martina Winkler and Molly Shum have volunteered to take over the landscaping of the entrance plantings.  They’ll get estimates of what it will cost to purchase, plant and maintain the plants they have in mind.  At our April meeting the Board will vote on how much we can budget for that expense.  It was agreed that maintaining the entrance appearance is very important.


Next Meeting to be held Monday, April 5 at 7:04 pm at the home of Pat Goodell.


Respectfully submitted by Pat Goodell, Secretary