Approved Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting
October 18, 2010

Board Members Present: Craig Braun, Pat Goodell, Powell Quiring, John Abercrombie,
Dan Heilman

-The meeting was called to order at about 7 pm by Board President, Craig Braun, at the
home of Pat Goodell.

-Minutes from 2 previous meetings, July 27 and August 23, have not been prepared. They
will be prepared by next meeting.

Treasurer’s Report:
-The current balance in the account is $17,008.93
-The bills paid for the neighborhood picnic were $1570.70
-$6000 had been budgeted for landscaping but $7000 was spent. This is attributed to the
$1000 cost of new entrance and monument landscaping.

Old Business:
- The Board agreed that for fy 2011 we would continue the temporary rollback on HOA
dues at $100 for the year, rather than $150. We still have a sufficient reserve account to
justify this temporary reduction and the amount of the dues will be reconsidered next year
for 2012 dues.
-Neighbors at 12525 NW Hibbard have verbally agreed to remove the tree between their
property and 12532 NW Hibbard. But they have not signed the necessary form. The
Board agreed to approve this based on the verbal agreement of both neighbors.
-Craig will ask Molly Shum for the Home Depot credit card which still has a balance
after the landscaping work that was done earlier in the year.

New Business:
-Powell said that all pictures from the Luau have been posted on the website.
-For next year’s neighborhood picnic, it was agreed that we should purchase more side
dishes since there were not enough side dishes this year.
-Drew Bier suggested we order food for the picnic next year from Sysco Food Services
America – he works there and can obtain a good discount for us.

Next Meeting to be held in early January (date to be determined) for the purpose of
preparing the mailing of dues statement (to be prepared by John); roster (to be prepared
by Powell); newsletter (to be prepared by Pat). John will bring envelopes and stamps and
Powell will provide mailing labels.

Respectfully submitted,

Pat Goodell, Secretary