Thompson Highlands Homeowners Association

2010 Winter Newsletter

Happy New Year!! Please take the time to read the important news and information in this newsletter. Also enclosed in this mailing are the 2010 neighborhood roster and the 2010 dues statement.

GREAT NEWS ABOUT HOA DUES: The board agreed that for 2010 we would enact a temporary rollback on HOA dues to $100 for the year, rather than $150. We have a sufficient reserve account to justify this temporary reduction and the amount of the dues will be reconsidered at the end of the year for 2011 dues.

NIEGHBORHOOD APPEARANCE: We receive many compliments on the well-maintained yards and common areas in our neighborhood. Let’s keep this up by remembering the following:

1. When signs or balloons are displayed for a party, there should be immediate removal of these displays once the event is over.

2. If you post missing pet signs, please take them down within a few days. If they are placed on the mailboxes, there is no reason that they need to stay up for more than 2-3 days. They should not be posted anywhere else and there shouldn’t be any reason for posting business or any other types of signs.

3. Please have a secure lid on your garbage cans because there have been many occasions when cans blow over and garbage blows into neighbors’ yards; this is particularly true on Welsh Drive which can become like a wind tunnel on windy days.

4. When it’s not your day for garbage pickup, please have your cans placed out of view from the street.

5. Trim your tree branches so that they don’t hang down more than 7’ over the sidewalk.

6. If street light goes out near your home, see the THHA website for repair contact information.

RESPECTING YOUR NEIGHBORS: Don’t leave your dog out for extended periods while you are not at home; ask your neighbors if the dog barks. There are no HOA guidelines about barking dogs but there are County noise ordinances.

THOMPSON HIGHLANDS HOA NEEDS NEW BOARD MEMBERS: We welcome new Board members and encourage you to participate in maintaining the high standards you want for your neighborhood. See the back page of the Roster for responsibilities of the board. We do need and request your help. Feel free to attend any of our Board meetings. We don’t meet monthly so check with one of the Board members listed below to find out the time of the next meeting.

ANNUAL NEIGHBORHOOD PICNIC: This is always a popular event and we will have another picnic in September 2010. If you have any ideas for themes, food, entertainment, please forward your ideas to us. Possibility for this year – Mexican Fiesta???? We’d welcome feedback.

WE’D LIKE YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS: We’ve been trying to collect e-mail addresses so that we can forward important news such as the news about the burglaries in the area (not in Thompson Highlands that we know of) with suspect description and modus operandi. We do have some e-mail addresses as well as some which no longer work so please update us if you get a new address and please let us know your e-mail address if you’d like to be kept informed about anything important. The dues statement has a place to write it in.

THHA WEBSITE: You can go to the website, , to access past minutes, newsletters, contact info and pictures of the neighborhood party. Powell Quiring has done a great job of maintaining the website so check it out.

NEW NEIGHBORS: We try to keep track of new neighbors and welcome them with a new neighbor packet. But sometimes we just are not aware of when someone new moves in. So, if you have a new neighbor please let us know so we can make sure to welcome them. Also, if you don’t have time to be on the Board but would like to volunteer to welcome new neighbors, you would be a great asset to our community.

THANKS TO OUR GREAT NEIGHBORS who keep their properties looking so attractive, pick up trash that blows onto their property even when it’s not theirs, communicate with their neighbors effectively, jump in and help out so willingly at the Annual Picnic. This is a great neighborhood to live in.

2010 Board of Directors e-mail address: board

John Abercrombie, 503-350-0053,; Pat Goodell, 503-629-8312,; Dan Heilman, 503-645-1204,; Powell Quiring, 503-690-9383,; Lori Quiring, 503-690-9383, After 10 years as the Board President, Craig Braun (503-320-5970, has stepped down from this position but we have asked that he remain on the Board in an advisory position because of his long history and excellent leadership over the years.