Approved Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting

February 21, 2011


Board Members Present: Craig Braun, John Abercrombie, Lori Quiring, Pat Goodell, Powell Quiring,

Board Members Absent: Dan Heilman


-The meeting was called to order at about 7 pm by Board President, Craig Braun, at the home of Pat Goodell.

Treasurer’s Report: 

-The current balance in the account is $15,721 which does not include the HOA dues that are being collected.  As of today 43 of 60 homeowners have paid their dues. 

Old Business:

-The board agreed to table the idea for providing a dumpster for now because the cost is about $400 for the weekend for the largest dumpster (holds 40 cubic yards of debris). We’ll send an e-mail out to ask neighbors if they will use it and then reconsider the option based on response.

-We’ve been given an estimate for spraying all the trees at the entrance to control existing infestation, including 3 trees at 3876 Loy Court – $196 which will be split with the homeowners at 3876 Loy Court..  Craig will talk to the homeowner to get clarification of the amount and the number of times that the trees will be sprayed.

Correction to last month’s minutes regarding the tree spraying:  the cost to the HOA will be about $98 each time the trees are sprayed, not $180.

New Business: 

-Our neighbor, Mary Taylor, suggested that her ensemble band present a bid for entertaining at our next neighborhood picnic.  We will request a bid when we are preparing for the picnic.

-Our insurance premium increased $90/year.  John Abercrombie said that the insurance company is checking on why there was this increase and will get back to him. 

Next Meeting to be held in on March 21.

Respectfully submitted by Pat Goodell, Secretary