Proposed Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting

July 25, 2011


Board Members Present: Craig Braun, Dan Heilman, Pat Goodell, Lori Quiring, Powell Quiring

 Board Member Absent:  John Abercrombie

 Guests in Attendance: Sara & Alan Ark

-The meeting was called to order at about 7 pm by Board President, Craig Braun, at the home of Dan Heilman.

Treasurer’s Report: 

-The current balance in the account is $18,883.77.  One homeowner has not yet paid HOA dues. 

New Business:    

-Garbaciks inquired about Board opinion on installing a composite roof.  Although the HOA CC&Rs specify only shake roofs to be used, there are a number of composite roofs that have been installed which are a very nice quality. The Board will approve composite roofs on a case-by-case basis, depending on the quality being used.  Although the Garbaciks haven’t formally presented a request for approval yet, they are planning to use the Presidential grade of composite which is the highest grade composite roof so there should be no problem approving that style roof..  There was a proposal that we amend the CC&Rs to allow for composite roofs, but it was agreed that we should leave the requirements “as is” and approve other roof types on a case-by-case basis.

-Entrance landscaping --   we still have $300 on a Seven Ds card that we can use for perennials to plant at the THH entrance.  Pat will ask Darla McGary (Seven D’s landscape designer and TH neighbor) if she can recommend any appropriate plants that will do well in shade there.

-Dan asked if he can ask Wally, the landscaper, to put new barkdust at entrance along borders.  The Board agreed and Dan will speak to Wally.

Neighborhood party—Talent Show Theme:

-Location – Loy Court East

 -3 Food Options – 1.  Burnt Ends Barbecue – Sara will contact; 2. Drew Bier works for a restaurant supplier and offered to provide the food – Lori will contact him to find out what he can provide; 3.  Dan, Powell, Craig to grill burgers, chicken, brats and veggie burgers.  We’ll decide on an option  at next meeting after getting feedback from Sara and Lori..

 -Sara Ark will make the flyer to be distributed 1st week in August by hand (placed on doors) and later by e-mail. RSVP to Board and/or Craig

-Board will provide main dish (meat) and drinks as in the past – we will buy additional side dishes as well.  But we will still ask everyone to bring a side dish and dessert to share.  

-Prizes will be for age and talent categories – minimal money to be spent on prizes – candy is what was suggested for prizes.

 -Powell will purchase wine and beverages like last time.

-Craig will contact the FacePainter 

-Craig will contact Mary Taylor about singing or having her band perform as she offered to do last year .
-Lori to check with rental company we have always used to see if we can get a better price -- $600 to rent a tent is high but it was agreed that a tent is necessary

 -Pat will ask the Doshis where they got their tent for their party to see if any better price.

 -Lori will order American Idol themed decorations from Oriental Trading Co.

 -Pat will buy any additional supplies as needed (plates, cups, napkins, etc.)  There is still quite a bit left over from last year.

 Next meeting is scheduled for August 15 at Quirings.    




Respectfully submitted,


Pat Goodell, Secretary