Proposed Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting

August 22, 2011


Board Members Present: Craig Braun, Dan Heilman, John Abercrombie, Lori Quiring, Pat Goodell, Powell Quiring


-The meeting was called to order at about 7 pm by Board President, Craig Braun, at the home of Lori and Powell Quring.


Treasurer’s Report: 

-The current balance in the account is $18,661.43.  One homeowner has not yet paid HOA dues. 



New Business:    

-The Garbaciks at 12517 NW Welsh requested approval of a new Presidential grade composite roof.  As this is the highest grade of composite roof, the request was approved.

 -Entrance landscaping --   Darla McGary, a neighbor as well as a Seven  D’s landscape designer, was asked for some entrance landscaping suggestions for using the $300 we still have on a Seven Ds card..  Darla provided some excellent ideas which the Board agreed we should pursue with her.  Pat will contact her to ask if the $300 would be enough to cover labor and materials for her suggestions.

-The Doshis at 12525 NW Hibbard requested approval of paint colors for painting their new siding.  They presented 2 options and one of the options was approved..

-Pat will be added the bank’s authorization to sign checks in addition to John


Neighborhood party—Talent Show Theme:

-Location – Loy Court East

-Date – September 11 – 4-7pm

-As Craig, Dan and Powell want to barbecue, it was decided that they would barbecue hamburgers, hotdogs, veggie burgers in lieu of having the meat entree catered.

-Even though the cost of tents/tables/chairs is quite expensive, Lori found out that all rental places are comparably priced; and it was agreed that it was important to have a tent in case of sun or rain. 

-Sara Ark designed and delivered the invitation flyer the 2nd week in August .

- Craig contacted the face painter and she will come to the party.

-Following are what everyone said they would do/buy/make/order:


-order Star black & gold table cloths as well as hanging stars for decorations

- donate relish that she has on hand

-order tables, chairs and tents

-organize the decorating with everyone’s help

-contact “balloon man”



-will purchase and slice tomatoes (about 4 lbs), onions, iceberg lettuce (2 heads); cheese (about 40 slices), mustard, ketchup (2), mayo (1), burger buns, hot dog buns, burgers (about 80), long hotdogs (about 42) , veggie burgers

-provide karaoke machine


-will purchase sides at Resers – Baked Beans, Cole Slaw, Potato Salad, Macaroni (?)

-will arrange for grills to grill guys use

-will make sure we have necessary barbecue tools


-will purchase wine, beer, soda, water (?)


-will e-mail the invite to everyone whose e-mail address we have

-will print the invites out in color and deliver to all homes

-will check the price of Bubba Burgers at Target

-will purchase (as needed) napkins, plates (large and small), wine glasses, soda cups, beer glasses, cutlery, foil pans for meats, name tags,

-will bring markers, hotpads, potholders, large trash bags

-will make candy gift bags as prizes for the talent show


-bring coolers

-bring garbage cans for trash and recycling

-help Lori with setup

- help with clean-up and get other neighbors to help  



Respectfully submitted,


Pat Goodell, Secretary