Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting

Oct 10, 2011

Board Members Present: Craig Braun, Pat Goodell, Powell Quiring, Lori Quiring
Board Members Absent: Dan Heilman, John Abercrombie

-The meeting was called to order at about 7 pm by Board President, Craig Braun, at the home of Pat Goodell.

Treasurers Report:

-The balance in the account as of September 28 is $16,891.80 - reported by Pat Goodell in the absence of Treasurer, John Abercrombie who was not able to be at the meeting.
-As of the time of this meeting there was one homeowner with outstanding HOA dues.

Old Business:

-THHA Youve Got Talent Picnic The theme was very popular and there was good feedback that it was a fun event and should be repeated next year. There were 12 children who entered the talent contest with all receiving prizes for participating.
- $110 was spent on 3 cases of wine. Only 1 case of wine was used, probably because it was a very hot day, close to 100 degrees. Lori purchased the majority of the extra wine and reimbursed the THHA for the cost. The rest will be saved for other THHA functions/business through the year
-$58.97 was spent on beer there was no beer left.
-The Face Painter was paid $146.25 for 2 1/4 hours. There was some discussion of whether this amount is high and we should pursue other entertainment for next year. However, the children enjoy it and she did a good job.
New Business:

- The decision of whether to return HOA dues to $125 for 2012 was tabled for a decision at the December meeting.
- Pat will prepare the Winter Newsletter to be included in the dues statements at the January meeting. Newsletter should include reminder to trim trees; remove garbage cans from street on the day of the trash pickup; pictures of the talent show are on the website (Powell to post the ones taken by Alan Ark); comment on the fun picnic and thanks for all who came, participated and helped.
Meeting Adjourned at about 8 pm.
Next Meeting Scheduled for December 12.

Respectfully submitted,

Pat Goodell, Secretary