Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting

May 7, 2012

-The meeting was called to order at about 7 pm by Board President, Craig Braun, at the home of the Quirings.

Board Members Present: Craig Braun, John Abercrombie, Lori Quiring, Pat Goodell, Powell Quiring  

Board Members Absent:  Dan Heilman, Huijun Yan

Treasurer’s Report:  
-Balance in checking account is $19,800.  Currently one homeowner’s dues are outstanding.  Craig will speak to homeowner at 12370 NW Hibbard Dr about plans to pay 2 years’ outstanding dues and late fees.  Option of filing a lien against the property, if necessary, was discussed.

Old Business:
-Powell will tell Adam Mizgajski that the Board won’t approve the wall extension with current information provided.
-Pat will speak to Darla about coming to the next meeting to discuss her suggestions for the entrance landscaping.

New Business:
-Powell will also tell Adam that our landscaper didn’t cut the limbs on his trees and ask him if he is still having his trees sprayed by General Tree Service.
-Craig suggested we ok the $133 to General Tree Service to spray 9 trees.  The Board agreed.
-Craig will remind Wally, the landscaper, the pick up the litter on common areas
-Bert Carlson reminded us to take Barbara off the roster next year as she is deceased.  
- The Board voted to have a picnic in 2012.  Date to be September 9.
- Talent show will be repeated since it was a popular with everyone at 2011 picnic.  
-Location of picnic will be 123rd Place cul de sac
- Pat will invite Sara and Alan Ark to attend next meetings to help with picnic.
- Pat will ask Sara to design the flyers for the picnic again.

Meeting Adjourned at about 8:30 pm.

Next Meeting :  Monday, July 23

Respectfully submitted,

Pat Goodell, Secretary