Thompson Highlands Homeowners Association

Minutes of Board of Director’s Meeting

July 23, 2012

Board Members Present: Craig Braun, John Abercrombie, Powell Quiring, Lori Quiring, Pat Goodell
Board Members Absent:  Dan Heilman, Huijun Yan
Guests Present:  Alan and Sara Ark, Darla McGary
The meeting was called to order at about 7 pm by Board President, Craig Braun, at the home of the Pat Goodell.
Treasurer’s Report:  Balance in account is $19,428.59.  This is $125 over budget due to $133 spent for spraying trees by the entrance and renewal fee for the website.
Old Business:
-  Minutes for 2012 have not been posted to the website but Powell will show Pat how to do that and all past minutes will be posted to the website this month.
New Business:
-Darla McGary, a landscape designer and Thompson Highlands resident, offered suggestions for adding perennials to front entrance.  She will confirm that we have $300 left on the 3Ds card and offer a plan for what we can plant there to add color and interest with minimal upkeep.
-Adam Mizgajski of 3876 Loy Court is exploring the possibility of adding a sound barrier wall to the existing brick wall behind his property which is owned by THHA.  Even if WA County would approve this additional height, the Board is not in favor of approving this addition to the wall due to liability issues of adding a privately owned  structure to the wall owned by THHA;  concerns about maintenance of the structure in the future; and overall appearance of a separate structure added to just one portion of the THHA owned brick wall.
-The Riccis asked for permission to have a Mariachi band play at a private party at their home.  The band will be playing until 10:00 pm.  The Board approved this request.
-The Heilmans submitted a request to replace their existing shake roof with a Presidential composite roof.  The Board approved this request.
-Nancy Evans notified the Board that her neighbors, the Andersons, left their sprinkler on for an extended period which caused some flooding in her yard.  The Andersons did not think it was a problem and at this time there has been no further flooding, but she wanted it noted that she spoke to them about the problem in case there are any future issues.
- John Abercrombie requested that Lori Quiring be added as an authorized signer on the checking account so that she can write checks as necessary when he is out of town.  The Board ok’d this.
THHA Picnic
-Date of the picnic has been changed to September 16.  
-Location of the picnic will be 123rd Pl cul-de-sac
-Sara Ark prepared the flyer which will be e-mailed and delivered as well as sent via e-vite.  The Board approved the flyer with minor changes.  
-Lori will ask her friend about doing balloon creations -- possible cost to be $20/hr
- Lori will purchase simple decorations for the tables;  

-Lori and Powell will purchase wine
-Powell will make beer to serve
-Lori and Powell will order tables, chairs, stage for talent show, and will hold off on ordering tent until a few days ahead of time to see how the weather will be.
-Craig will speak to Dan & Trish Heilman about their daughters doing face painting for the picnic
-Craig will purchase Reser’s baked beans and potato salad
-Powell, Craig and Dan will barbecue hamburgers and hotdogs
-Alan Ark will purchase condiments
-Pat will purchase paper products as necessary
-Pat will prepare/purchase prizes for the talent show
-Dan to bring microphone again for talent show
-Further planning to be completed at next meeting

Meeting Adjourned at about 8:30 pm.

Next Meeting Scheduled:  Monday, August 13

Respectfully submitted,

Pat Goodell, Secretary