Thompson Highlands Homeowners Association

Minutes of Board of Director’s Meeting

August 13, 2012

Board Members Present: Craig Braun, John Abercrombie, Powell Quiring, Lori Quiring, Pat Goodell, Dan Heilman

Board Members Absent:  Huijun Yan

Guests Present:  Alan and Sara Ark

Treasurer’s Report:  Balance in account is $$19,208.43

Old Business:

  1. Discussion of landscaping at front entrance will be continued in October after the neighborhood picnic.  Pat will follow up with Darla to find out what she proposes.

New Business:

  1. The Board approved the paint choice by the Mitlehners, new neighbors at 3650 NW 123rd Place.
  2. Craig observed vandalism on August 13, 2012 at the front entrance to Thompson Highlands.  Five out of six lights were damanged with 2 of them more seriously damaged -- glass lens broken.  John will call the insurance company to determine if the damage is covered by our insurance.  He will also call the police to report the vandalism .
  3. One sprinkler head at the entrance is misdirecting the water spray.  John will contact the landscaper, Wally.

THHA Picnic:

Following are the responsibilities for the picnic, scheduled for Sept 16, 4 pm:

Sara and Alan:  

-Sara has already designed the invitation/flyer.  Craig delivered it to all homeowners.

-Sara will send the invitation to Pat in pdf format so she can e-mail as a follow-up reminder.

-Sara and Alan have already purchased barbecue sauce, mustard, ketchup, mayo, relish.

-They will also purchase hamburgers, veggie burgers, and hotdogs as well as buns

-They will bring their tent to use as shade for the “cooks”

Powell and Lori: 

-Powell will make beer

-They will purchase wine, some bottles of water, soda

-They will order tables and chairs; stage; and tent at the last minute if needed for inclement   weather.

-Lori will ask how much it would cost to rent a speaker and mike for the entertainment

-Lori will prepare/order simple decorations and paper tablecloths

-Lori has hired someone to do balloons for the kids -- $25/hr for 2 hours

-Lori will as a friend if she wants to do face painting as we’ve decided not to hire the previous face painter since she charges $65/hr.

-Lori will bring her cooler/server for water/lemonade

-Lori suggested that she put signs around the neighborhood as a reminder but it wasn’t finalized if that was to be done.



-Craig delivered all the flyers to homeowners’ homes

-He will purchase beans and potato salad from Reser’s -- he will ask Franklin Liu if he would make baked beans.


Dan will purchase ice to be used for soda, water, beer and coolers

Dan, along with Powell, will man the barbecue


Pat will purchase name tags, plates, napkins, wine glasses, beer cups, smaller water/soda cups, and cutlery as needed.  There is a good supply of all these items already but they may need to be supplemented.

Pat will make 25-30 “goodie” bags for the talent show participants

Pat will bring the cooler/server for water/lemonade


Bring an ice chest

Try to find someone who will allow us to use their grill -- tell Craig if you found someone

Show up about 1 pm to set up

Bring barbecue tools

Next Meeting Scheduled:  ???????

Respectfully submitted,

Pat Goodell, Secretary