Board Members Present

Lori Quiring, Mike Mitlehner, Pat Goodell, Powell Quiring, Sara Ark

Treasurer’s Report


Old Business

Harrison Sailor has been cleaning the sidewalks and brick walls. Estimated completion is 9/6.

Pat notified the homeowners at Hibbard and Welsh to trim around the stop sign.. It looks like the homeowners completed the trimming.

Board positions:

Treasurer Sara:

  • Annual budget for the year
  • pay bills
  • reconcile the checkbook monthly
  • check the mailbox at Mailboxes and More (by DQ) twice a month
  • respond to title company request for outstanding HOA dues on closing of home
  • track HOA due collection and reminder notification of delinquent homeowners

President Pat

  • Publish the agenda before the board meeting to the board members.
  • Respond to homeowners requests. For example home improvement approval, questions, …
  • Chair the HOA board of directors meeting
  • Annual newsletter: create, make copies, include in dues statement letter
  • Notification via email for pressing neighborhood business.
  • Welcome new homeowners (roster, cc&r, cookies)

Secretary Powell

  • Write minutes and post to web site
  • Webmaster
  • Maintain and publish roster, envelopes, etc for annual distribution

Backup treasurer Lori

  • Sign checks
  • Mailbox retrieval

Landscape liaison Mike

  • Monitor and coordinate with landscape maintenance
  • Backup for responding to homeowner requests (see president item)

Outreach member Paul

  • Present any neighborhood issues to the board

New Business

  • Approved flower donation for bereaved homeowners for a max of $50.
  • Request for approval for 3876 NW Loy Ct, Install 6-7 ft Kousa Dogwood trees right side of garage door: approved
  • Suggestion for a free little library. It would take a neighbor to host it.

THHA Picnic

  • Pat send a flyer via email this week
  • Pat will hand deliver the flyer two weeks in advance
  • Wine - 4 bottles of white, 4 bottles of red
  • Water - 9 gal Sara
  • Lemon Water - 9 gal Pat
  • Lemonaid - 9 gal Lori
  • Beer - 2x 5 gallons Powell
  • Ice - 4x 20lb bags + beer ice Powell
  • 24 hot dogs, one box veggie burgers Mike
  • chairs and tables - Lori
  • decorations purchase - Lori
  • flowers - Mike as available
  • Paper products - Pat
  • 1 grill - pat
  • Main dishes, mac salad Roxies - Pat
  • Yellow jacket traps in advance - Sara

Meeting Adjourned

About 8:30 pm.

Next Meeting Schedule

Monday Oct 5

Respectfuly submitted,

Powell Quiring, Secretary