Board Members Present

Cary Williams, Lori Quiring, Mike Mitlehner, Pat Goodell, Paul Cummings, Sara Ark

Treasurer’s Report

  • Balance $21,323.57
  • 59 Dues received, 2 outstanding. Efforts have been made to reach-out to remaining two outstanding.

Old Business

Approved minutes from previous month with administrative corrections.

Bethany Neighborhood Coalition (BNC) discussed with understanding that BNC has withdrawn appeal because future Saltzman Road work was contemplated.

More research on landscaping replacement as it was determined that current pricing is good - some additional follow-up would be done to see if we can better define scope of work to be done going forward.

CC&R’s were tabled until we could get an update from Chris Blevins. Quotes for maintenance of brick entry and walls were discussed as Pat received some bids on tree trimming that may be prudent to act on with a hold on wall repair because of high costs. The next board meeting would include a possible inspection of walls and trees in need of trimming.

Mannino’s play structure was approved.

Goodall’s front door sidelights installation and painting was approved, subject to receipt of approval form.

Spring Newsletter was discussed.

It was determined that it may be helpful to continue to reach out to landlord for 12370 NW Hubbard regarding outdoor maintenance.

New Business

Pat indicated she would follow-up with current homeowner on info needed to consider and possibly improve proposed improvements.

Cary said he’d work on getting the broken light at the entrance repaired and also look into converting all our entrance lights to LED.

THHA Picnic

Meeting Adjourned

About 8:30 pm.

Next Meeting Scheduled

Monday May 11th

Respectfuly submitted,

Powell Quiring, Secretary