Board Members Present

Cary Williams, Lori Quiring, Mike Mitlehner, Pat Goodell, Powell Quiring


Sara Ark, Alan Ark

Old Business

Library box. Pat reached out to the Rodman’s, who suggested it. Pat reached out to the Creekview HOA and has not heard back.

Straighten street sign at Thompson/Hibbard. Pat called Washington county, and got it straightened out.

12370 NW Hibbard house appears to be in the process of painting. Pat emailed the property manager, who has not yet returned the email.

New Business

12157 NW Welsh approval for tree removal. Pat will reach out and ask for written proposal, and then approve.

THHA Picnic

Theme: Fiesta.

  • Date Sept. 9
  • Where: West Loy Ct.
  • Time: 4 - 7pm
  • Chilli Cook Off, blind taste test, possible prizes

  • Sara will complete the picnic flyer.
  • Sara will give it to pat for email delivery.
  • Pat will send out an email “save thed date” with the flyer on 7/14.
  • Pat will send out a final email 8/17.
  • Board will put the flyers on the mailboxes on 8/17
  • Pat looked into the mariachi to get bids - waiting for response.

  • Paul will bring the checkbook to the picnic to pay the face painter etc.
  • Mike check with the George’s taco truck guy
  • Paul will call King Taco truck. Paul see if they suggest ticket system and if they have tickets and if they supply plates.
  • Pat will invite the Washington County Sherrif to ask if they will attend
  • Pat will invite the Fire Dept to see if they will attend
  • Guest book to get count, email addresses, and phone numbers for the roster.


  • Pat paper products, bowls
  • Lori decorations, mix in some fiesta napkins and plates
  • Mike face painter
  • Carey three cases of Corona
  • Pat and Lori - Sangria
  • Pat chile fixings: avacodo, onions, cheese, sour cream
  • Paul Wine
  • Lori and Pat will discus lemonade and water
  • Grill 1 grill for hot dogs, and veggie burgers if the taco truck has no vegetarian option.
  • Cary will pick up two pinatas
  • Lori will get pinata candy
  • Lori table and chairs
  • Alan will bring boom box


  • pinata
  • musical chairs

Meeting Adjourned

About 8:30 pm.

Next Meeting Scheduled

Monday, 8/20

Respectfuly submitted,

Powell Quiring, Secretary