Board Members Present

Cary Williams, Heather Pool, Lori Quiring, Mike Mitlehner, Pat Goodell, Paul Cummings, Powell Quiring


Sara Ark - presented the picnic flyer and one was chosen.

Treasurer’s Report

  • Account balance: $25,217.41
  • One households has not paid dues. Pat will send another late notice.

Old Business

  • Little library - Powell will post the agreement on the web site
  • Wall repair and power wash - $6,800

New Business

  • Powell updated the website with new configuration information to match the DNS renew that happened recently.
  • Powell needs to verify that https:// access to the site is configured.
  • 12370 NW Hibbard - Powell will send out first pass of architectural questions for 12370 NW Hibbard
  • 3701 NW 124th Pl - More pavement for the driveway - approved
  • 12459 NW Hibbard - tree removal. Pat will ask about replacement.
  • Hand deliver newsletter and picnic invitations
    • Pat - Hibbard and 124th
    • Cary - Lower Loy
    • Powell - Upper Loy
    • Heather - Welsh, east of Hibbard
    • Paul - Welsh, west of Hibbard
    • Mike - 123rd
  • Welcome gifts for new neighbor. $25 budget
    • 12512 Welsh - Heather will deliver

THHA Picnic

  • Pie competition, a few of the board members volunteered to bring a pie - insuring success.

Meeting Adjourned

About 8:30 pm.

Next Meeting Scheduled

Monday, 7/29

Respectfuly submitted,

Powell Quiring, Secretary