Board Members Present

Heather Pool, Lori Quiring, Mike Mitlehner, Pat Goodell, Paul Cummings, Powell Quiring, Rosemary Casamassa

Treasurer’s Report

  • $19,368.04

Old Business

  • $2350 - cost of picnic 2019

New Business

  • Marjorie Wilson has volunteered to get the broken entrance street light removed. This light was broken in a car accident. The light is no longer needed due to the new lights on the north side of the street.
  • Heather - greeting new neighbor at 12340 NW Welsh Drive

THHA Picnic

  • Heather - will create a save the date notice
  • September 13

Meeting Adjourned

About 8:30 pm.

Next Meeting Scheduled

  • June 1

Respectfuly submitted,

Powell Quiring, Secretary