Board Members Present

Heather Pool, Lori Quiring, Mike Mitlehner, Pat Goodell, Paul Cummings, Powell Quiring, Rosemary Casamassa

Treasurer’s Report

  • $18,338.20
  • 3 dues left to collect

Old Business

New Business

  • 12195 NW Welsh request for approval of ninja rig, 10ft tall - approved pending neighbor approval
  • 3689 NW 124th Place approval for front yard landscaping - approved pending neighbor contact
  • Little Free Library - maintained by Bauer Creek. Next year it is THHA responsibility to clean
  • Spring Newsletter - Pat is working and will send it via email.
  • Mike will become the secretary (replace Powell)
  • Rosemary will become the architectural chair (replace Mike)
  • Rosemary will be the lanscaping manager
  • Thompson Road Safety Community Meeting will be posted in Spring newsletter

THHA Picnic

  • Sept. 12 in the 124th culdesac
  • Consider - Ochohas Lupitas Taco truck

Meeting Adjourned

About 8:30 pm.

Next Meeting Scheduled

Monday, June 7, 7:03

Respectfuly submitted,

Powell Quiring, Secretary