Board Members Present

Treasurer’s Report

  • Paul Reported there are No outstanding HOA Dues. He also provided the current balance in bank account. (Amount to be posted when I find my notes.)

Old Business

  • The man who destroyed 2 cluster mailboxes in our neighborhood and who has been in jail since sentencing about 2 years ago is expected to be paroled shortly. Assuming he gets a job, he is to start paying our HOA a monthly amount of $25 to pay off the debt he owes to the HOA for our $500 insurance deductible for the purchase of new mailboxes. He will also pay back the insurance company for the amount they covered for the purchase and installation of the mailboxes.
  • Hans reported that his daughter would like to design our new website. Heather said her son has too many other jobs now to be able to take on this project. We will employ Hans’ daughter to take on this project. Mike will work up a proposal of what would be needed for a functional website that’s easily accessible to Board members as well as homeowners. We will determine the amount to be paid as a flat fee for the job and discuss the plans that Mike works up at the November meeting.
  • Guidelines for Short-term rentals in Thompson Highlands was discussed and further discussions were tabled until after the holidays as we investigate all options for making wise and appropriate decisions about how to proceed. It’s suggested that we need to employ an attorney to ensure that what we do is legal. This is a topic that will be important to finalize in the next several months but will be tabled until after the Hollidays.

New Business

  • Minutes prepared by Pat Goodell, substituting for Mike who was unable to attend the meeting
  • It’s expected that we will have Mail Merge capability to print and send out HOA Dues statements at our January meeting. We may not yet have ability to print the Roster but we’ll do that and mail separately if necessary.
  • Paul and Rosemary will have 3 and possibly 4 “new neighbors” to greet in November. Names and addresses will hopefully be available at November meeting.

Meeting Adjourned

About 8:45pm

Next Meeting Scheduled

Wednesday, November 10. Location - TBD

Respectfuly submitted,

Powell Quiring, Secretary