Board Member Invitation

You wanted to know what’s involved with being on the THHA Board of Directors. There are a couple of ways to be involved. You can just be on the Board, come to meetings, offer your opinions on issues and vote when a vote is applicable. Most Board members start out that way but some are too busy or not comfortable with doing any more than that. Or if there is a particular issue you’re interested in, you can volunteer to investigate, research and report to the Board on that issue – for example, finding someone to power wash our brick walls.

The one thing that everyone helps with is the Annual Picnic in September – there are plenty of jobs to go around. For example, one member orders the decorations based on the theme we choose; another will purchase and store all the paper products we use; Paul buys the wine; another might provide the flowers from his garden. We all split up the food purchasing depending on the menu. There are lots more jobs that we all pitch in on but that gives you an idea.

After a while, when someone has been on the Board for a while, they will volunteer for one of the positions such as President, Secretary, Treasurer, Landscaping, as they feel comfortable. At every meeting, there’s usually something that comes up that we need someone to volunteer to look into or do, but it’s on a volunteer basis of course – everyone has different schedules and travel issues that determine what they can do . The president, will set the Agenda, move the meetings along so we can get through the Agenda, send out mass communications, write the winter and spring newsletter, answer all the questions that come up from neighbors or ask some other board member to handle it if it’s more within their field of expertise. I always need to get at least three people to make decisions on Requests for Approval of Improvements. When a new neighbor we buy a welcome gift and deliver to them along with Neighborhood roster. There are disputes between neighbors that come up but we try to get them to work it out between them before we get involved.

If you want to just join the Board and jump in on certain projects if you’re comfortable, that’d be great. Or, if there’s something you’re particularly interested in, or have a talent for (writing, for example or computer or artistic), just let us know what you’d like to do or if you prefer to take it slow until you have a comfort level with how things work. As you will see, we have fun and it’s a really nice group to work with.